Snap on Smile (Restorative Device)

Snap -on-smile is a relatively new restorative device offered by the makers of Lumineers. This device may be alternative for patients exploring cosmetic dentistry that lack the financial means to invest in porcelain veneers or other expensive restorations like crowns. Snap-on-smile is designed to grip onto your existing teeth to mask all the smile deficiencies that conventional restorations such as Lumineers are used to hide including gaps, missing teeth, abnormal rotation, discoloration and many other issues. The device encases not only your front teeth, but also your molars and other posterior teeth. It forms a seamless transition with your gum-line such that the end aesthetic result is excellent.

A patient can be fitted with this device within two dental appointments and for a price comparable to what they would pay for a single porcelain restoration. The fitting process starts during the patient’s initial appointment, where an impression is taken of their teeth and necessary documentation is sent to the Snap-on-smile dental lab for fabrication of the device. Patients can expect to wait three weeks between appointments for the appliance to be fabricated. During the second appointment, the final fitting will be conducted and any necessary adjustments will be made. If everything is in order, the patient will be able to enjoy their Snap-on-smile.

Your Snap-on-smile device is expected to last for several years. We will provide you a cleansing solution and anti-bacterial gel that provide for safe operation of the device which will last for 3 months. After that they can purchased from us or directly from Den-Mat.

It is up to the patient to decide when and where they choose to wear their Snap-on-smile appliance. Since no bonding adhesives are used to hold the appliance into place, it is easily removable for eating or during bedtime. You should exercise caution while wearing the device during meals as to ensure that food particles don’t become lodged in the device accelerating the possibility of tooth decay.

The Snap-on-smile cost $1200 for a single arch. An alternative appliance is available called Snap it which includes five teeth or less. Snap it cost $650 dollars. Snap it is best for people missing one or two teeth in an area who need temporary coverage. Financing is available to those who qualify.

As with any other cosmetic treatment, there may be some limitations in terms of what patients can be outfitted with the device. If anything, this appliance should be regarded as a “stepping stone” to long-lasting treatment like porcelain veneers. Although the “before and after” pictures you may see circulating online are difficult to dismiss, the fact remains that porcelain veneers are superior in terms of strength and other tooth-like qualities making them the golden standard if after having worn your Snap-on-smile device you decide to permanently alter your smile. You can get more information about Snap-on-smile by visiting