3D Dental Imaging: Experience the Difference

Imagine a way for your dentist to have a greater ability to plan and diagnose, in order to offer a more comprehensive strategy for your oral health. 3D X-rays can be used to plan and practice implant surgery in advance, see into the throat and through bone and detect oral cancer and cysts.

3D imaging technology is becoming increasingly well established in dental practices around the world. For more precise diagnoses and explanations of treatment, 3D X-rays offers a number of advantages. Whether for superimposed teeth, unexpected nerve canal paths, hidden roots, or temporomandibular joint anomalies, 3D images are of inestimable value for a large number of diagnoses. We recently introduced Orthophos SL 3D from Dentsply Sirona to our practice. The x-ray takes several images and the software generates a 3D image of the jaw section. The practitioner is able to take a “virtual tour” of the scanned volume and assess the data from every dimension. 3D image can help dentist have a guide map for implants as well diagnose pathology in the mouth.