All On Four Dental Implants

All on four, is a treatment that has been approved by the FDA and has shown to be successful at restoring patients with missing teeth using a minimum of four titanium dental implants securing a fixed prosthesis.

Phoenix Dentist, Sean Foroughi D.D.S., works with a top quality dental lab and certified surgeon in the valley to provide patients with all on four dental implant system. To learn more about this life changing treatment option you can book a free consult at Atrium Dental in Phoenix, Arizona.

The cost of all on four treatments can range from about 18,000 dollars to 24,000 dollars. This will cover all cost including the 3D x-rays, surgical procedure, the temporary prosthesis, the dental implants, laboratory cost, fabrication of hybrid fixed prosthesis, and any adjustments as needed for up to one year. Most offices can offer special types of financing. The cost will vary based on the number of implants needed and if any bone grafting is done. The fees will be discussed prior to the surgery.
  • The prothesis is fixed and you have increased biting force.
  • There is no need for adhesives.
  • The prosthesis is more comfortable and it will not move.
  • Prevents the bone from deteriorating over time and restores your facial feature.
The surgery can take about 3-4 hours, followed by the delivery of your temporary prosthesis.
The ideal patient is someone who already is missing teeth and is uncomfortable with their existing dentures. Most patients are candidates for all on four. Few relative contraindications may include someone with uncontrolled diabetes or heavy smokers.