Blue (Venous Lake) Lip Treatment-

Venous Lake of the Lip, Varix, hemagioma; also know as, Phlebectasis

Is a generally solitary, soft, compressible, dark blue lesion commonly found on sun-exposed surface on the border of the lip. A venous lake is simply a misshaped blood vessel. Blood vessels typically run in straight branching lines like creeks and rivers through our body. A venous lake is a blood vessel shaped more like a lake, hence the name.

Blue lesion are mainly treated for cosmetic reasons. Laser treatment has become the mainstay of therapy. Treatment is generally short and predictable. Treatment can be done comfortably with light anesthetic(numbing).

At Atrium Dental, the doctors use a diode laser to eliminate the lesion. Treatment time generally takes 10 minutes. The treatment is simple and comfortable. About after 2 weeks after treatment the lesion is mostly eliminated. The picture below shows a woman who wanted the lesion to be removed for cosmetic reasons. The patient was scheduled for a 30 minutes of treatment. The doctor lightly numbed around the lip. Approximately five minutes of laser treatment was performed. Post operative instructions was given. Patient was seen two week post op. After two weeks the lesion was eliminated without any marks or scar.

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