Composite Veneers – U-Veneer

U-Veneers are a composite veneer template system that allows dentists to design predictable high quality, natural-looking composite veneers in one visit. The system provides the dentist a template to create the proper shape and symmetry. At Atrium Dental, we have recently introduced the U-Veneers to our practice.
Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or composite resin that are placed on the front surface of teeth in order to change the appearance of your smile. Teeth that are discolored, chipped, rotated, or paced can be transformed with veneers. Porcelain Veneers are fabricated either by a Cad/Cam System or sent to a laboratory. Composite veneers are placed directly on the teeth in your dentist’s office. At Atrium Dental, we use the U Veneer system to place composite veneers.

“U-Veneer” are clear tooth–shaped templates that are filled with composite resin (tooth bonding) and placed over the top front teeth. An LED light cures the material to a hard glossy finish. No lab work or impressions are needed and the work is done in one, ninety-minute visit at a cost of 25% of what Porcelain Veneer would run.

The advantages of U-veneer are the price, ease of placement, and aesthetic benefit. Also, the procedure is done in one visit.
The disadvantage of U-veneer composite system is that they may not last as long. Also, they may stain over time. Since they are composite, you can have them resurfaced versus having them redone if they get stained or chipped. Esthetically, they may not appear as natural as porcelain veneers since they are usually made with one solid color from top to bottom with little or no translucency. Also, U-veneer system may not work well with patients with crooked teeth.

To see whether you are a candidate for either porcelain or composite veneers you need to set-up a consult with your dentist. At Atrium Dental, we can provide you with a free Cosmetic consult to go over all the treatment options. You can call us at 480-940-4321 to set up a free consultation appointment.