Dental Implant Guided Surgery

When placing dental implants there are two methods of placement. One is placing the implant with free hand. The second is placing an implant using a surgical guide. Surgical guides are the latest advancement in dental implant technology. At Atrium Dental, we have invested in this technology to place dental implants with a surgical guide. Surgical guides provide the surgeon a device with computer-calculated precision for maximum safety and best result.

There are several setbacks to not using a surgical guide. Every patient has a unique anatomy and care must be taken to ensure implant placement is correct for that patient. Failure to use guided surgery can result in placement of the implant in less than desirable areas such as in sinuses, nerves, or incorrect placement in the bone.

When placing dental implants, the surgeon has two challenges to solve. One is to place the implant in sufficient bone both vertically and horizontally. The second is to place the implant in proper alignment to the position of the future tooth.

To meet these challenges, the doctors at Atrium Dental can obtain 3D data of a patient’s jawbone (typically through a CT scan), import the data into implant planning software, and virtually place the implant in the correct position. The CT scan-based surgical plan is then used to make a surgical guide for that specific patient.

Benefits of CT-based guided surgery include, but are not limited to:

  • Restorative-driven surgery: Implant placement is in the best position both surgically and prosthetically.
  • Accurate placement: Implants are placed where planned, leading to improved surgical outcomes and aesthetic results
  • Decrease risk of damage to adjacent teeth, nerve, or sinus.
  • Less trauma to the surgical site and faster healing; therefore, less pain after surgery.