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It is always wise that you take your children to a dentist before the age of 3. You can make the first visit for your child to the dentist an enjoyable and positive experience. Your child should be informed of the visit and told that the Ahwatukee dentist and his staff will explain all procedures and answer any questions. The less to-do concerning the visit, the better. Since adults are afraid of dentists, it gets worse with children. For grown-ups, it may not be so much the fear as the thought of how discomforting it can be. In children, this manifests itself as fear. Their peers in school or playmates at home propagate some of these fears.

Even though a children’s dentist is conversant with ways of handling the young ones, there is always some anxiety. When a child is anxious or afraid, body muscles tighten making it difficult for dentists to work on your child. It is your responsibility to do everything you can in order to make your dear children relax and get easy with the dentist. Your presence by their side boosts confidence and acts to assure them that all will be well.

Let your child know about the importance of visiting the dentist. Discuss what dentists do. Dispel the myth on painful injections. Children fear needles so it would be important to mention that even where a needle is used, he or she will only feel a slight prick. Speak to the dentist about the possibility of bringing your child on a familiarization tour of the clinic. This will make the child be acquainted with the surroundings and digest the friendliness of staff.

You can also enact a skit at home where you act the part of the children’s dentist. Prepare one area of your living room to act as the clinic. Use the couch as the examination table and a torch as the light. Let the child lie on the couch and ask him/her to open their mouth. Pretend to be looking for the problem by counting the teeth. Commend the child for having such healthy teeth and for being a brave patient.

You could also buy a book or chart on what transpires when children visit a kid’s dentist. The illustrations will assist you in explaining every stage of the visit. If there is no serious problem, you can reassure your son or daughter that the doctor will only spend a short time. After the dental appointment, unless the doctor has recommended a bed rest, take the child somewhere nice. This will help in removing any stress arising from the dental visit.

At Atrium Dental, we use the “Tell-Show-Do” and try to counter negative reactions by using kid friendly words such as Mr. Thirsty (Suction), Tooth Counter (Explorer), and Sleepy Juice (Anesthetic Shot). We can provide Kid’s show or movies with heading phone to lessen the sound of the drill and make the child feel more comfortable.If needed, we provide Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”) for the child.

For your child first happy check up, you can schedule an appointment at our office at 480-940-4321.