Icon Treatment (Drill-Free Dentistry)

Traditionally, dentists approach cavities as drill and fill, or watch and prescribe fluoride if the cavity was incipient (small). With new advancements in dentistry, we can now treat cavities without having to drill into the teeth. This revolutionary way is called Icon treatment. Icon treatment is successful when done in the beginning stage of cavity progression.

How does it work?

First, your dentist will determine if you are a candidate for Icon Treatment. At Atrium Dental, Dr. Foroughi will do an initial exam and take x-rays. If the cavity is at the beginning stages, then will offer icon treatment. For smooth surfaces, such as front teeth, the cavity will appear as a white spot. Commonly, this can occur when you have orthodontic treatment. The plaque around the bracket can cause decalcification (white spot). This too can be treated with icon treatment. During the procedure, the doctor will isolate the teeth being treated with a barrier. Next, the surface will be pre-treated with a special gel. Then, the surface will be rinsed and dried. The icon material will be applied and then light-cured. This material will be absorbed by the tooth; thereby, sealing the decay and stabilizing the tooth.

Icon treatment allows the dentist to offer an alternative treatment to preventive dentistry. Icon procedure is completed in one visit with no need for numbing or the use of the drill. Follow up exams will confirm that the treatment is working and the cavity is not progressing.