Modern Orthodontic Treatment

Modern alternatives to traditional metal braces make straightening teeth faster and easier, while being less invasive on a patient’s life and less visible to the naked eye.

Do you associate orthodontic braces with an uncomfortable metal cage in an adolescent’s mouth? When the time comes for orthodontics for you, your child, or another member of your family, you will find that there are many new options for someone needing braces. The key to having a comfortable, effective, and less-visible teeth-straightening treatment is to contact your local dentist.

Modern Orthodontic Braces

Due to continuous innovation in dental technology, even traditional metal braces are more comfortable, less invasive, and much quicker at delivering results than they used to be a generation ago. Today, dentists and orthodontists can focus on ensuring patient comfort by using gentle techniques to prevent damage and keep patients happy and healthy.

Braces are typically used to correct bite problems, spacing issues, and crowded teeth that may impact a patient’s dental health. The right choice between traditional braces or modern alternatives depends on what needs to corrected and patient preference.

When it comes time to make a recommendation, your local dentist might suggest some new and popular alternatives during an evaluation:

Tray Systems: The Invisalign system provides customized transparent trays that fit right over teeth in order to gently coax them into the proper place. Aside from the fact that these trays are practically invisible, they are also comfortable, removable, and easy to care for.

Cosmetic Braces: A modern orthodontic system called Six Month Braces, straightens teeth very quickly using clear brackets and teeth-colored wires. If you’re looking to correct teeth spacing or alignment issues, your dentist will be able to help your smile within months instead of the years you might expect with traditional treatments.

Who Should Consider These New Alternatives to Traditional Braces?

At Atrium Dental, we can evaluate your teeth to see what method will work best for your teeth. While these new alternatives might provide a better solution than traditional braces, some patients are better suited to traditional orthodontics if they need complex corrections or have severe bite problems.

Your dentist can provide you with personalized suggestions, but there are some things to keep in mind if you need braces:

Typically, Invisalign should only be used on teenagers and adults, as they are not suggested for younger children. Additionally, this treatment is usually not completed any faster than traditional braces.

Rapid orthodontic treatments, like Six Month Smiles, are not recommended for severe bite corrections.

Contact Us for More Information on Teeth Straightening Options

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