Did you know within only 3 months of your pregnancy your baby’s teeth begin to develop?

During pregnancy many causes in hormonal changes may increase the risk of developing gun disease. This is why it is important to continue routine care with your dental hygienist. Dental care before and after could be very beneficial to both you and your baby.

If possible, before planning to conceive try to see your dentist to fully exam your teeth to treat any oral health concerns that may arise in advance. This will assure you an initial healthy start in the beginning of your pregnancy. Dental Care during pregnancy will take more precautions during treatment. First by informing your dentist you are pregnant, allowing time to schedule cleanings or other minor treatments in its appropriate time.

It is of primary importance for the patient that is pregnant to have a dental hygiene re-care appointment between the third and six month of pregnancy to prevent pregnancy gingivitis. A condition caused by the increase of hormonal changes where inflammation and sensitivity of the gums is easier to develop in pregnant women due to the high levels of progesterone.

About 3 months prior to your delivery date it is a precautionary measure to avoid dental care. Within these months it is crucial for the baby development to continue without any factors that may affect their growth. Some treatments, if not all, will be recommended by your dentist to wait post-delivery.

Some tips for during your pregnancy to maintain oral health and safety of your baby:

  • Avoid dental x-rays during your pregnancy unless an absolute necessity occurs, a note from your OBGYM will be needed.
  • Avoid sugary snacks. Although certain sweet cravings may occur, keep in mind sugar will increase your chance of developing cavities. Many times the bacterial responsible for the cavities could pass to your baby.
  • If dental work needs to be done, best time is during your 2nd trimester.

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