Full Mouth Reconstruction in Phoenix, AZ

Full mouth reconstruction is a dental surgery in which all teeth in the upper and lower jaws are repaired or replaced. This operation is intended to restore a patient’s mouth’s function and appearance. Moreover, it can repair issues caused by trauma, congenital abnormalities, decay, or wear and tear.

A full mouth reconstruction is intended to restore the health and aesthetics of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. However, the procedure can be time-consuming and costly, including surgery that can drastically alter your teeth’ look, size, shape, and location.

Treatment options may include porcelain veneers, dental bridges, onlays or inlays, dental crowns, or implants, depending on the amount and severity of the underlying abnormalities and your overall health and gum health. In some situations, orthognathic surgery may be required to realign your jaw.

At Atrium Dental, Dr. Foroughi works with a dedicated lab to produce a prototype or wax-up. This will be the blueprint for the Full mouth reconstruction. The patient can get an idea of how their teeth will look before committing to the treatment. The wax-up has an additional cost but will be credited to the total cost if the patient decides to go further with the treatment.

Who Requires a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Many people have dental disorders across their mouths that must be addressed holistically to achieve an outcome that improves function and esthetics. Many missing teeth, teeth with big fillings that are failing or displaying decay, cracked or broken teeth, or poorly worn teeth due to teeth grinding or other behaviors may be present in these individuals.

A subset of individuals who were born with diseases such as Ectodermal Dysplasia, Amelogenesis, or Dentinogenesis Imperfecta will require substantial tooth replacement. In addition, some people might benefit from a full mouth repair.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost?

The cost of a full mouth reconstruction varies depending on whether you change all of your teeth or keep and alter your existing teeth. Therefore, it is impossible to predict how much complete mouth reconstruction will cost because it will vary based on your specific restorative requirements.

To summarize, several aspects must be considered, which means you must be fully educated before making any judgments.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost with Insurance

If you require a full mouth reconstruction but cannot afford them, your dental insurance may be able to assist you in financing your full mouth reconstruction. In addition, depending on your unique dental insurance plan, you may be qualified for partial or full coverage of your full mouth reconstruction.

Remember that plans have restrictions on what they do and do not cover. Instead, your insurance may cover regular dentures, but you must pay extra out of pocket for implant-retained dentures. Our office manager can walk you through several scenarios and assist you in making educated decisions regarding the best approach to proceed with treatment.

Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Worth It?

Restorative dentistry can be particularly advantageous if you are missing teeth due to decay, an accident, or an underlying medical condition such as oral cancer. It may also aid in treating dental issues caused by bruxism or teeth grinding.

Despite its high cost, full mouth reconstruction gives very good self-confidence. Patients who have evaluated it think their new teeth have enhanced their chewing and talking abilities. They also say that their grin has gained confidence.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Near Me in Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Arizona

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