At Atrium Dental, Dr. Foroughi uses soft tissue dental lasers to aid in many of the dental procedures. We have incorporated a diode soft–tissue laser into our practice for the past six years. We have found the benefits to be many and far–reaching for our patients. The laser enhances placement of contemporary restorative materials, as well as enables the soft–tissue corrections in form and symmetry. It also can be used as part of the armamentarium in conservative, nonsurgical periodontal treatment. Gum disease can be treated by gently removing diseased tissue while simultaneously disinfecting the area to stop the spread of future disease and allow for faster recovery time.

The soft tissue laser is also used in many cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures to reshape the gumline and expose healthy tooth structure, improving the appearance of a “gummy smile.” Dr. Foroughi uses the soft tissue lasers for crown troughing, treating canker/cold sores, minor oral surgery procedures, gum disease, implant recovery.

Benefits of Dental Lasers:

  • Less trauma to the gum tissue.
  • Reduces swelling and bleeding for a faster, more comfortable recovery period.
  • Stimulates new tissue growth for improved healing.
  • Improves the beauty of patient’s smile by exposing more of the healthy tooth structure.

The diode laser has distinct advantages over both the scalpel and electrosurgery.

  • Is far gentler then either electrosurgey or scalpel.
  • Does not require the placement of a grounding plate.
  • It generates little or no heat, which can impact on implant longevity.
  • You can safely remove any tissue tags not possible with electrosurgery for fear of the electrode contacting metal.
  • Tissue separates gently and easily with the laser and hemostatsis is achieved rapidly and there is no minimal post-operative swelling.

If you have any questions about the use of dental lasers you can visit our website: or contact our office at (480) 940-4321 to set up a consult visit.