Laser dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Laser dentistry is a discipline of dentistry that uses lasers to treat a variety of dental diseases. It is more pleasant, effective, and cost-efficient than conventional dental procedures, and no drilling is involved. Laser dentistry may be performed without anesthesia, resulting in minimum or no bleeding. In addition, it is a more pleasant treatment alternative than drills and other non-laser equipment for various dental procedures requiring hard or soft tissue.

Dentists utilize lasers in various operations affecting the inside of the mouth, including removing excess tissue, reshaping gums, and whitening teeth. Laser dentistry is a non-surgical therapy for gum, mouth, and tooth issues. It is less likely to need anesthesia and to cause pain and suffering than standard surgery.

Laser dentistry is used for several different treatments, including:

  • Hypersensitive treatment
  • Treating dental decay
  • Treating gingivitis
  • Teeth whitening
  • Removing lesions
  • Treating cold sores or canker sores
  • Troughing the gums during crown preparation
  • Frenectomy

What are the Types of Lasers in Dentistry?

Depending on the therapy, dental experts utilize hard or soft tissue lasers. If the treatment allows, some people will utilize both sorts.

Hard tissue lasers can pierce through tooth structures. A mixture of water and minerals in teeth absorbs these wavelengths. These lasers are most commonly used to prepare or shape teeth for composite bonding, to replace worn-down dental fillings, and to remove some tooth tissue.

Water and hemoglobin may both absorb soft tissue lasers. The protein hemoglobin is present in red blood cells. These lasers are used to treat periodontitis by destroying germs and stimulating tissue regeneration.

Soft tissue lasers block nerve terminals and blood arteries when penetrating the tissue. As a result, many people report little to no pain following laser therapy. The lasers also stimulate speedier tissue repair.

The Use of Lasers in Cosmetic

Soft and hard tissue lasers are the two most common types of lasers used in dentistry. Each emits a particular wavelength and pulse of light to eliminate or sculpt oral tissue. Hard tissue lasers are capable of precisely cutting and shaping your teeth. In addition, they can be used to identify cavities, relieve tooth sensitivity, and prepare you for fillings.

Soft tissue lasers employ lighter wavelengths that make them suited for gum work. The following are the most prevalent laser cosmetic treatments:

  • Gum contouring using laser
  • Crown expansion
  • Whitening of the teeth
  • Veneers
  • Complete smile makeover

Dental lasers can also be utilized to harden filling material for long-term placement and hold.

Laser Dentistry Cost

Laser dentistry is becoming increasingly popular for usage in various basic dental treatments. Thanks to lasers, dental operations may now be performed faster, better, and safer than ever.

In most circumstances, using lasers raises the out-of-pocket cost of dental procedures. But, if you reside in a high-cost-of-living area or require a more extensive operation, the cost will be more. Furthermore, laser therapy costs vary widely depending on your location, procedure, and insurance coverage.

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