Night guards in Phoenix, AZ

Night guards are dental devices that keep your teeth from grinding while you sleep. They are often composed of long-lasting but pleasant material, like acrylic, and cover either the upper or lower teeth.

Night guards minimize the power of teeth grinding, protect the teeth from wear, and can also aid in relieving bruxism discomfort. They are especially beneficial for people with severe bruxism and those who cannot use muscle relaxants owing to allergies or other medical issues. Night guards can also be custom-fitted and customized to give the most comfort and protection.

Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

You must understand how teeth clenching or bruxism might harm your dental health. First, bruxism when sleeping is not the same as bruxism while awake. This is because when someone is asleep, they are unaware of what they are doing, which can result in a considerable amount of strain being applied on the jaws, causing jaw discomfort, jaw dysfunction, and/or persistent weariness.

Teeth grinding or bruxism can cause difficulties, such as migraines, jaw discomfort, muscular tension, and damaged teeth. There are numerous types of mouthguards available to avoid this problem.

Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

One of the most obvious is to minimize tooth grinding, which occurs while most people sleep. Another significant advantage of night guards that many people are unaware of is their capacity to minimize TMJ-related disorders. TMJ pain and discomfort are frequently caused by lengthy periods of clamping your teeth together.

Do Night Guards Prevent Teeth from Moving?

Not only will your night guard decrease the frequency and severity of your nocturnal shifting and grinding, but it will also lower the risk of long-term harm to your teeth and jaw.

Night Guards for Sleep Apnea

Removable oral mouth guards open the airway by modifying the jaw or tongue position. This generates greater room in the throat and can protect the upper airway from compressing as a person sleeps.

Sleep apnea mouth guards should only be worn when sleeping. They are most commonly suggested for persons with mild to moderate OSA, although they may also help with severe OSA.

How to Clean Night Guards?

Night guards may be an extremely useful tool when it comes to safeguarding your teeth from the damaging effects of grinding or clenching. Now that you have a night guard, it must be maintained correctly to protect your teeth for as long as you can. Cleaning your night guard should be part of your everyday oral health practice. Following these detailed cleaning recommendations, your night guard should last many years!

  • After wearing it, immediately wash it.
  • Clean your night guard with a toothbrush.
  • Let your night guard completely dry on a clean surface.
  • Always keep your night guard in its case.
  • Deep cleanse your night guard every month.
  • Keep your night guard case clean.

Should You Wear a Nightguard Every Night?

Certainly, you should always wear a night guard, particularly if you have severe bruxism. However, if you do not use your teeth’ night guard every night, you will still have damaged teeth, although at a much slower rate.

How Long Should a Night Guard Last?

A dental night guard typically lasts two to five years. However, some well-made guards can last for up to ten years.

Is It OK to Wear a Night Guard All Day?

Wearing a night guard during the day is usually not a good idea unless a doctor or other medical worker tells you to. Night guards are made to be worn at night to protect your teeth from bruxism (grinding your teeth) and tightening your jaw. They have a padding effect that keeps teeth from getting hurt and eases the pain that comes with it.

A night guard may not be easy to wear during the day for long stretches, making it hard to talk, eat, and do other daytime things. Also, you might not need to wear a night guard for long during the day unless your dentist tells you to for a specific tooth problem.

Are Night Guards Healthy?

Night guards can be good for your teeth because they keep you from grinding your teeth or tightening your jaw while you sleep. They can ease pain, protect teeth from damage, and help you sleep better. But using them exactly as your doctor tells you to ensure they work is important.

Can You Still Damage Your Teeth with a Night Guard?

Grinding and biting your teeth at night can damage your teeth, but a properly fitting and well-kept night guard can stop this. But tooth problems can still happen if you don’t take care of it, wear one that doesn’t fit right, or don’t deal with underlying problems. To ensure it works, you must check your teeth regularly.

Best Night Guard for Grinding Teeth

A custom-made night guard is ideal if you grind your teeth. Different types of night guards include:

  • Custom-fit Night Guards. These mouthpieces are custom-made by a doctor just for you. They cost more but provide the best fit and comfort.
  • Boil-and-bite Night Guards. These are available without a prescription and can be customized at home by softening them in hot water and biting down to create a mold. They’re more affordable than one-size-fits-all guards and offer a better fit overall.
  • One-size-fits-all Night Guards. They’re the cheapest option, but you might not get the most convenience or security from them. It’s possible that they’ll be too big or won’t fit right.

Why Do I Sleep Better with a Night Guard?

If you suffer from nighttime teeth grinding, a custom-fitted night guard may help you get a more restful night’s sleep by reducing discomfort and protecting your teeth from wear. It lessens outside disturbances and eases muscle tension, making for a more restful night’s sleep.

Should I Brush My Night Guard Every Night?

Cleaning your night guard before wearing it is recommended. Consider it a way to remove day-old bacteria, plaque, and other gunk. Simply brush it with toothpaste or a denture cleaner. Clean it once a week to keep it clean and protect your teeth. Before putting it back in your mouth after cleaning, rinse it well. This keeps it fresh and ready to protect your teeth and oral health.

The Best Night Guards for Teeth in Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Arizona

You can have your night guard made by calling Atrium Dentistry. We offer the best night guards for teeth grinding in the state. Dr. Foroughi of Atrium Dental in Phoenix, Arizona, offers the best night guard services in Atrium Dentistry center. To discuss your dentistry options, schedule a consultation session at (480) 940-4321, fill out our online appointment form.

If you choose to come into our office and have a night guard fitted, we’ll first make sure you’ll benefit from wearing one. That is why we take great satisfaction in how we examine our patients. First, we will examine the surfaces of your teeth to see whether they are worn down. If we detect surface abrasion, we’ll want to ensure you’re correctly suited with a night guard that will help you. If your enamel wears down, it will never be replaced. Therefore we will do everything to safeguard it.

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