• Harvey V.
    I was there for a cleaning and Jolene is awesome! Her methodical approach to the cleaning get you in and out fast and with no pain! Dr F and the rest of his staff is top notch as well. He takes the time to explain what is going on and lets you decide how you want to proceed. I would highly recommend this dental team to anyone in the Valley who is looking for top level of dentistry.
    Harvey V.
  • Kevin R.
    This place is spectacular ! the receptionists are sweet and caring. Dr. Foroughi, is amazing. I don’t feel a thing when hes doing cleanings or anything serious. Also the assistants strive to have conversations with you. This dentist office can easily make anyone feel right at home!
    Kevin R.
  • Cicely C.
    Atrium Dental is the finest dental office in the East Valley. Nearly eight years ago, I frantically called Dr. F’s practice; I had a severe toothache, and the tooth was infected. The office staff soothed my fears, and alleviated my pain. Since then, I visit the practice for routine cleanings and checkups. His staff is extremely professional and welcoming. Dr. F’s practice is state of the art. This is important to me. If a practice is outdated (i.e. equipment), then I wonder how up to date the doctor is with the new trends in dentistry. If you are looking for a new dentist and/or have a fear of dentists, then you must visit Atrium Dental. I have referred many friends to Atrium, and they are extremely pleased with both Dr. F’s skills and the friendliness of his staff.
    Cicely C.
  • Claudia P.
    Great service and timely. Thank you !!!
    Claudia P.
  • Elisabeth S.
    I am very pleased with the level of service I received from the staff and dentists at Atrium Dental.   I am very particular about who I receive treatment from ( having had bad experiences in the past) and I am very happy with all aspects of my appointments. The front desk has always been courteous and very helpful when scheduling appointments, I even have the convenience of scheduling online myself if it is after hours. I have had multiple interactions with the girls up front, and they have always been kind, polite and helpful. Dr. Sean has been wonderful with my treatment plan, offering to make sure that my visits are comfortable and pain free, and that I have no anxiety at all. I have an extensive amount of dental work to do and he is also very considerate of my finances by offering me options. The office is clean and professional and utilizes modern equipment. I feel that after several appointments that I have a good feel for the staff and even if scheduling conflicts arise, I am treated professionally and nicely.
    Elisabeth S.
  • S G.
    I recently started going here after I switched my insurance. They are fast and are always on time. My teeth and gums look great. I used to go to XX Dental and that place was terrible. The dentist would never even come back to see you. He would just leave it all to the assistants. Good thing I never needed any serious work done there. If Atrium is in your network definitely give it a try.  
    S G.
  • Parva B.
    Overall, I was very happy with my experience. The Doctor and Hygienist were very thorough in explaining the treatment I needed. My family and I have been going there for three years and have never had a problem. I would highly recommend.  
    Parva B.
  • Kevin G.
    I bit on an almond brittle and broke my lower molar. I heard from a friend that the doctors at Atrium Dental can make a crown in one day. My first encounter was great. The staff treated me warmly. I waited about 15 minutes and the doctor examined my tooth. I was having a bit of pain. The doctor said that my tooth had crack and there was time in the schedule so he could do a crown for me right away. When he numbed my tooth I did not feel any pain. He used a machine called Cerec and he showed me how it works. He sent me to the lab to watch the process. This machine which looked like a robot began creating me crown. He try it in and it fit very well. My pain is gone. Having a very busy schedule he was able to do it all in one appointment. I was very impressed. I recommend this place highly.
    Kevin G.
  • Dayana M.
    I am glad to write a review on Atrium Dental. to start off, this practice is amazing. the staff is very friendly and efficient. The doctor is very gentle and experienced. My teeth look and feel great and is all thanks to the detail and the time the staff and doctor take to make sure all your answers and problems are taken care of. The office is beautiful and you feel right at home when coming in for an appointment. I personally recommend Atrium Dental to anyone looking for a real good dentist….  
    Dayana M.
  • Saradine A.
    Nice office , Very clean. I am very scared of dentist and , Staff and Doctor are very warm. Good experience overall.
    Saradine A.
  • Paula M.
    Our family has been going to Atrium Dental for several years now. The staff is extremely friendly and professional. Everyone is always smiling and makes you feel so comfortable. Dr Foroughi is so gentle and explains everything perfectly so you know exactly what he is doing. When he gives you a shot to numb your mouth you cannot even feel it. And to the person who said he tried to sell you an electric tooth brush, you should take his advise. I have been using one for years and it saved my teeth. The hygienist is one of the best I have ever been to. I give Atrium Dental 5 stars because they are the best. I would give them a 10 if I could.
    Paula M.
  • Dorothy N.
    My family L-O-V-E-S Atrium Dental. They are all sooo helpful, from the office staff, to Janell the Hygienist (love her!) to Dr. Sean. He was amazing with our kids and made them feel so comfortable. I really appreciate that they do everything there in the office, so you don’t have to go anywhere else for other procedures. Thanks Atrium Dental!  
    Dorothy N.
  • Fred S.
    I started going to Dr. Sean about a year ago and I can say he is one of the best dentists I’ve had. He is very compassionate; he gave my father and I great discounts because we don’t have insurance. The staff is very friendly and they have really fun contests on their Facebook page. I’m a fan and I recommend it to everyone.
    Fred S.